The new Opportunity Zone local Legislation

How Airbnb Affects Home Prices In Puerto Rico

Market Trends in Old San Juan and Santurce

In this front-page story of El Nuevo Día, we talk about the inflow of capital that our firm has observed and documented shortly after the Puerto Rican Opportunity Zone local legislation was enacted. We also talk about what this represents for the Puerto Rican investor and property owner.


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In this issue of The Weekly Journal by El Vocero, we discuss the evidence that shows how Airbnb raises property values in entire areas and cities, not only in those communities in which it is a common practice.

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In this edition of El Vocero's The Weekly Journal, we talk about current market trends in Old San Juan and Santurce, Demographics, Public Nuisance laws, and property taxes.


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Santurce Market Trends

Today, in El Nuevo Día's Business section we talk about Santurce's latest transactions, price trends and how the market is signaling us that this are can be the epicenter of development in the city of San Juan.


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Real Estate as an Export

In this edition of The Weekly Journal by El Vocero, we make the case for developing new real estate projects with the purpose of "exporting" them into a global market as one of Puerto Rico's Comparative Advantages.

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Puerto Rico Real Estate Prices will continue to rise...  In Some Areas

In this story of The Weekly Journal, we talk about the drivers of Puerto Rico's real estate prices.

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Nick Pastrana is a real estate and economics professional with 7 years of experience catering to investors and clients by providing them with in-depth real estate transaction analysis. Nick has been involved in tens of millions of dollars worth of diversified real estate transactions throughout San Juan. Mr. Pastrana attended the University of Puerto Rico where he earned a bachelor's degree in Economics before graduating from the University of Puerto Rico School of Law with a focus on real estate and mortgage law.


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