Act 20 Legal Advice

Finding quality and trustworthy Act 20 legal advice is paramount for those serious about expanding operations thought tax efficiency in Puerto Rico. Fortunately there are a plethora of reputable law firms on the island that will share Act 20 legal advice free of charge in your initial meeting. Below are a few of the lawyers I had met with in going through some of my clients Act 20. Each of them offers different benefits for different types of companies seeking to bring their business to Puerto Rico.

Ferraiuoli: Act 20 Tax

For complicated tax and legal advice related to Act 20, Ferraiuoli is an excellent option. One of my clients had a complicated serious of questions related to an Act 20 company he was creating. I first set up a phone conversation with Pedro Notario, who heads up a tax-focused group of 8 legal professionals. My client explained Pedro the business they were seeking to create and merge with a current company that already existed in Puerto Rico. Next week when he met with Pedro at the Ferraiuoli offices, his team had put in solid work mapping out how the companies could be structured with a master holding company and two separate Act 20 entities. 

Omnia Economic Solutions: Act 20 in New York

While Omnia Economic Solutions is not a classic law firm like Ferraiuoli, the impressive team of Raul Vidal y Sepulveda and Roberto Corretjer offer a suite of business solutions for companies seeking Act 20 in Puerto Rico. Former Assistant Secretary for International Affairs for the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico, Raul led the promotion of Puerto Rico’s incentives around the world. Roberto Corretjer offers legal advice around Act 20 and Act 22 in addition to real estate. The Omnia team also has top notch office space available with ocean views at reasonable prices in San Juan. Raul and Roberto have a liberal perspective on how Act 20 business can be made in Puerto Rico and are great people to brainstorm your ideas with in the early stages of planning your move to Puerto Rico.

Stolberg Law: Act 20 for Startups

We were initially drawn to Juan Carlos Stolberg through his incubator, Piloto 151. Located in the heart of Old San Juan, the Piloto building has more natural beauty — both inside and outside — than any of the half dozen incubators I frequented with my previous startup in Boston. Given the inherent connection between Juan Carlos Stolberg and startups in the San Juan area, Stolberg Law is a wonderful option for tech and software companies seeking to move to Puerto Rico. Juan Carlos explained to me certain flexible ways software and app development companies can qualify for Act 20. For any modern startup interested in Act 20, checking out the scene at Piloto 151 is a must.